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Will Limited Foreign Language Credits Hurt Admission Odds?

Concern: My student (a 9th grader) is grappling with just how many several years of spanish to take school that is high. Because it can be an elective, it limits her alternatives to just take other activities, like continuing in orchestra or checking out the STEM-Project Lead just how system. Can there be any trend or motion in university admissions to replace the standard year that is 2-4 language demands with fine arts courses or other coursework? How will you claim that pupils prepare to fulfill a language that is foreign, if they don’t know exactly superior papers what college they’ll apply to yet?! can there be any wiggle space into the college admission/application process if your pupil has too few foreign language credits from senior school, but has had rigorous alternative courses superiorpapers alternatively? Many Thanks for responding!

Being a mom of the high school sophomore, my advice is, « Let your child take exactly what excites her many, as long as she fulfills minimum language demands. »

But, as a college therapist, my response is different. I don’t see any trend toward reducing spanish objectives. At the more selective universities, 3 years of the same spanish is considered minimal and four is better. At a number of other schools, nevertheless, including some ones that are quite superior essay writer selective 2 yrs of language is fine. Therefore if your child has Ivy in her eyes, or in the event your crystal ball recommends that she might be deciding on any of the most extremely competitive universities, I would personally urge her to keep to fit language into her schedule, even though it means using summer classes or playing overseas immersion programs. (The latter can be very pricey nevertheless the previous is available at community colleges near to home and sometimes even, if required, online.)

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