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Breakthrough in reptile heat sex-swap research&Blood in semen

Breakthrough in reptile heat sex-swap research&Blood in semen

The group has discovered just exactly what may be the master switch for environmentally influenced male and female development, a temperature-sensitive molecular signature in a family group of genes which control the phrase of several other genes.

Many reptiles, such as for instance crocodiles and marine turtles, don’t have intercourse chromosomes like people along with other animals. Rather, their sex is scheduled by the temperature from which their eggs are incubated.

Researchers were trying to learn how this sex-switching takes place for at the least 50 years, aided by the team’s findings posted when you look at the journal that is international Advances.

Lead writer Dr Clare Holleley, CSIRO Research Scientist as well as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Canberra’s Institute for used Ecology, stated the main element to your breakthrough lies within Australia’s bearded dragon lizard, that the group happens to be learning for decades.Read More